Trail Riders' Escape!

...escape with your friends AND horses!

Went North Price List

  • Group Rates for 3 or more are 58.75 per person/ night (plus MN. and County sales tax)
  • Couple Rates are $134.00 per night (plus MN. and County sales tax)
  • Rates include board fee for one horse per individual.Extra horses will be charged a daily board fee of $10.00 per day.
  • Individuals staying without a horse are the same rate.
  • There are 2 indoor stalls for use at the Riverside property upon request. Stall use will be associated with an extra board fee of $10.00/night. You can supply your own bedding or you can purchase bedding from us at the current price rate.
  • Firewood can be gathered on trails or in the woods near both of the cabins. Firewood must be certified free of invasive species if you are transporting. There is certified firewood available in the area. We have some firewood available to guests with a donation asked for our efforts.

Our policy for reserving dates requires a deposit of $250.00. The deposit is non-refundable. In case of cancellation, the deposit can be used within the current calendar year (dependent on open dates available). It will be your responsibility to work with Went North to reschedule any cancellation date. The deposit is applied towards your final bill. Please see Reservation section for more information.


What do previous Went North visitors say? 

Dear Horse and Nature Lovers,
If you are looking for Heaven on Earth, "WentNorth", is your destination! Their lovely cabins are nestled next to Huntersville State Forest, making for the beautiful trail riding getaway. The accommodations are cozy, clean and just perfect! The paddocks for the horses are very nice and safe. Every winter I dream about going back to WentNorth.

Thank you, Tami, for providing this beautiful getaway!

 --Kathy Z.M.